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115mm Aluminium Oxide Flap Disc 60 GritF511-706

60 Grit
115mm Aluminium Oxide Flap Disc 60 Grit

In stock  In stock
  • Dia. 115mm / 22.23mm Bore / 60 Grit
  • Specialist VSM KK732X Aluminium Oxide Grit Cloth
  • Concave Profiled (T29) Fibreglass Backing Disc
  • Standards: OSA / EN12413
  • Ease of Use without Clogging Good Stock Removal
  • Cooler Grinding and Finishing of Hard Metals
  • For Grinding and Finishing Aluminium
  • For 115mm Angle Grinders
  • Max 13,300rpm
  • Boxed in 10
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