115mm x 22.23mm x 4T Angle Grinder Saw Disc

Code:  BLX115Barcode:  5039197106627


Precision profiled saw blade that has been specifically designed for use on angle grinders. Offset precision tooth formation allows extremely smooth fast cutting and ensures excellent blade life. For clean smooth cutting in wood, plastics, pvc, mdf, fibreglass and plasterboard. For use on 115mm Angle Grinders

Application: Wood, plastics, pvc, mdf, fibreglass and plasterboard. Not for use on metal or stone


  • ø115mm x 22.23mm Bore x 4 Teeth
  • Body Width 1.75mm
  • Clean Smooth Cutting
  • Cuts Wood, Plastics, Pvc, Mdf, Fibreglass and Plasterboard
  • Not for Use on Metal or Stone
  • For 115mm Angle Grinders
  • 22.23mm Bore / Max 13,300rpm
  • Display Packed