35mm Carbide Grit Holesaw
 35mm Carbide Grit Holesaw35mm Carbide Grit Holesaw 

35mm Carbide Grit Holesaw

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In stock  

In stock

Wear resistant holesaws for fast, aggressive hole cutting in hard and abrasive materials. High-strength, alloy steel body for rigidity. Wear-resistant carbide grit material permanently bonded to the teeth. The carbide grit used on these holesaws will remain sharp, ensuring a long service life. These holesaws are very effective running at high speed, providing a smooth cutting without binding. If cutting masonry material, use a Toolpak BA17 pilot drill.

Application: Cutting hard and abrasive materials, such as brick, cast iron, ceramics and tiles, fibreglass, reinforced plastic, kevlar, light concrete, masonry and wood with nails

  • Tungsten Carbide Grit Cutting Edge
  • High-strength, Low-Alloy Steel Body for Rigidity
  • Cutting Depth 38mm
  • Ideal for Cutting Hard and Abrasive Materials
  • Display Packed
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