30mm x 16mm Knurled Saw Blade Reducing Bush/ Washer

Code:  KB03Barcode:  5039197013734


Used to reduce the bore size of a circular saw blade, to fit the specific spindle diameter of a circular saw. Produced from high-grade steel. Manufactured on CNC machinery, for precise dimensional accuracy and concentricity. Durable nickel plated finish. Knurled outer edge of bush provides a snug fit into the saw blade bore. Always use a bush that is equal to, or slightly less than, the thickness of the sawblade body.

Never use a bush that is thicker than the thickness of the blade body

  • Outer Diameter: 30mm
  • Inner Diameter: 16mm
  • Knurled Edge for Snug Fit
  • For Reducing Bore Size of Saw Blade
  • Packed in Clear Wallet