50mm x 280mm Makita HM0810 Wide Chisel

Code:  CHM62Barcode:  5039197098847


Makita HM0810 chisels for general breaking work. Suitable for use with Makita HM0810 machines. Produced from high grade alloy steel. Heat treated with shot peened finish. For heavy duty breaking, chiselling and render removal. Ideal for chiselling, breaking and render removal.

Application: Mortar, brick and concrete


  • Wide (Width: 50mm Length: 280mm)

  • Makita HM0810 Shank
  • For Heavy Duty Chiselling, Breaking and Render Removal
  • High Grade Alloy Steel
  • Chiselling Mortar, Brick and Concrete
  • For Makita HM0810 machines