TCT SDS Plus Electricians Square Box Cutter

Code:  BCS77NBarcode:  5039197102865


SDS Plus square cutter, with tungsten carbide blades. Quickly cuts "electrical socket boxes" 77mm x 77mm square recess. Use in conjunction with circular hole cutter (BCR77N). For use with SDS Plus rotary hammers, using rotary hammer action. 

Application: Cuts holes in brick, breeze block and concrete block (max 45 Newton)


  • Square Box Cutter with Tungsten Carbide Blades
  • Use in Conjunction with Circular Hole Cutter (BCR77N)
  • SDS Plus Shank for 2kg SDS+ drills with 'roto stop'
  • Cuts 77mm x 77mm Square Recess in Brick, Breeze Block and Concrete Block (max 45 Newton)
  • Display Box