32mm TCT Multi-Material Holesaw

Code:  TCS032Barcode:  5039197050142


Long life TGC (triple ground chip) tungsten carbide teeth, with a constant 3tpi pitch for outstanding cutting performance and long life. High-strength, low-alloy steel body for rigidity. If cutting masonry material use a Toolpak BA17 pilot drill.

Application: For cutting hard and abrasive materials, such as breeze block, brick, cast iron, chipboard, fibreboard, fibreglass reinforced plastic, hardwood, softwood, laminate, light concrete, masonry, multi-layer (sandwich) materials, perspex, plasterboard, plastic, plywood, roof tiles and wall tiles


  • Triple Ground Chip Tungsten Carbide Teeth
  • High-strength, Low-Alloy Steel Body for Rigidity
  • 3tpi Teeth
  • Cutting Depth 38mm
  • Ideal for Cutting Hard and Abrasive Materials
  • Display Packed