Tile & Glass Drill Set
 Tile & Glass Drill SetTile & Glass Drill Set 

Tile & Glass Drill Set

Code:  TGS01

Weight:  36g



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For drilling fixing holes in ceramic tiles, mirrors and glass (not toughened glass). For use in 10mm and 13mm capacity 3-jaw chuck rotary drills (corded or cordless). Large spade shape tungsten carbide tip with precision ground cutting angles for easy hole starting and reduced tile chipping. Always use on low speed with coolant (water). If using a percussion or impact drill, turn-off hammer action. Bright nickel plated finish

Application: Ceramic Tiles, Mirrors, Glass

  • Sizes: 5, 6 and 8mm Tile and Glass Drill Bits
  • Spade Shape Tungsten Carbide Tip
  • For Drilling Ceramic Tiles, Mirrors and Glass
  • For use in 10mm and 13mm Capacity 3-Jaw Chucks
  • Always use on Low Speed with Coolant (Water)
  • Display Packed
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