65mm Wire Twist Knot Cup Brush M10

Code:  WB12


In stock  

In stock

Twist knot brushes provide a high-impact brushing action and are suitable for cleaning large surface areas of steel, masonry and woodwork. Hard-wearing wire cup brushes for heavy duty, aggressive cleaning of large surface areas. Manufactured from high grade steel. The brush fill is made from 0.50mm diameter, high tensile steel wire, with left-hand twist knots. These are designed to 'hold their shape' and not untangle, which enables easy to control, fast surface cleaning. For use on angle grinders. Display Box.

  • Dia. 65mm / 0.5mm High Tensile Left-hand Twist Knot Wire
  • For High Impact Cleaning of Steel, Masonry and Woodwork
  • Removes Burrs, Rust, Slag, Scale, Paint & Concrete Waste
  • For 100mm Angle Grinders
  • M10 x 1.5 Thread / Max 12,500rpm
  • Display Boxed
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