180 Grit

230mm x 280mm Wet & Dry Sandpaper 180 Grit Pack of 10


Flexible C-weight paper backing with waterproof resin bond and highly-refined silicon carbide grit. For body-filler, lacquer, paint or steelwork. Shrink wrapped.


  • Grit: 180g / Size: 230 x 280mm
  • For Rapid Stock Removal & Surface Finish
  • Highly-Refined Silicon Carbide Grit
  • Resin Bonded Latex Backed
  • Wet or Dry Sanding of Wood & Metal
  • Flexible C Weight Paper Backing
  • For Body-filler, Lacquer, Paint or Steelwork
  • For Orbital Sanders or Hand Finish
  • Shrink Wrapped in 10