610mm Hex Shank 1.1/8'' Point
610mm Hex Shank 1.1/8'' Point

610mm Hex Shank 1.1/8" Point


1 1/8” hex shank chisels for general breaking work. Suitable for use with 1 1/8” hex pneumatic breakers. Produced from high grade alloy steel. Heat treated with shot peened finish. For heavy duty breaking, chiselling and render removal. Suitable for Pneumatic Demolition hammers BBG BB22-26-BB28.

Application: Mortar, brick and concrete


  • Point
  • Length: 610mm (Below Collar 440mm)
  • 1 1/8” Hex Shank (28.6x160mm)
  • For Heavy Duty Breaking
  • High Grade Alloy Steel
  • Chiselling Mortar, Brick and Concrete
  • For BBG BB22-BB26-BB28 Breakers