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1L Broaching / Annular Cutter OilLUB21

1L Broaching / Annular Cutter Oil

  • Low-viscosity, High-performance
  • Enhanced Additives for Increased Cutting Performance
  • For use when Drilling Steel, High-tensile Steel and Stainless Steel
  • Sold in Box Quantities of 4
1L Airline / Pneumatic Lubricant OilLUB23

1L Airline / Pneumatic Lubricant Oil

  • Airline and Air Tool Lubrication
  • Low Viscosity Oil for Effective Lubrication
  • Surface-active Properties for Even Coating
  • Sold in Box Quantities of 4
1L Air Compressor Lubricant OilLUB24

1L Air Compressor Lubricant Oil

  • Contains Rust Inhibiting and Anti-Wear Additives
  • Good, Long Term Protection
  • Good Low-temperature Properties
  • Sold in Box Quantities of 4
100ml 2-Stroke Engine OilLUB25

100ml 2-Stroke Engine Oil

  • One Shot 2 Stroke Oil
  • Universal, Highly Refined Oil
  • High Quality Semi Synthetic
  • Good Clean Burning Properties
  • For Stihl, Husqvarna etc. & All Air Cooled 2 Stroke Engines
  • Sold in a Display Box
  • Pack Quantity 10 Bottles
1L Chainsaw Lubricant OilLUB26

1L Chainsaw Lubricant Oil

  • High Quality, High Viscosity Mineral Based Chainsaw Oil
  • Anti-wear Additives Reduce Metal-to-metal Wear
  • Ideal for use on Chainsaw Chains, Bars and Sprockets
  • Sold in Box Quantities of 4