26mm x 25mm Broaching Cutter
26mm x 25mm Broaching Cutter

26mm x 25mm Broaching Cutter


Produced from M2 HSS (High Speed Steel) for durability and long service life. Dual cutter geometry provides high cutting performance with fast, smooth feed rates and less vibration. Each cutter is machined to a tolerance ±0.05mm for high accuracy. Hardened to between HRC64.5 and HRC65.5. Industry standard 'Weldon' 19mm (3/4") shank. Suitable for use in most electro-magnetic drilling machines or pillar drills with MTS adaptor.

Application: Drilling bolt-holes in constructional steel, steel beams and girders

  • M2 High Speed Steel for Durability and Long Life
  • Smooth, Fast cutting with less Vibration
  • Industry Standard 'Weldon' 19mm (3/4") Shank
  • 63mm Long with a Maximum Cutting Depth of 25mm
  • Drills Bolt-holes in Constructional Steel, Beams and Girders
  • For Electro-magnetic Drills or Pillar Drills with MTS Adaptor.
  • Packed in Plastic Tube