30m Geared Surveyors Tape
30m Geared Surveyors Tape

30m Geared Surveyors Tape


6X High Speed Gear Mechanism: turn the handle one cycle and the tape rewinds six cycles. Heavy duty case construction with impact resistant ABS case Co-molded rubber case. High carbon steel blade coated with acrylic polymers for long life. Ideal for high precision professional jobs. Easy to read bold black numbers on 13mm wide blade. De-burred edges: The rough edges cause corrosion and rust. PROFORCE steel tapes with de-burred edge treatment prevents the rough blade edges from causing early corrosion and cracking.

  • Length: 30m / Blade Width: 13mm
  • Fast rewind with 6:1 gear ratio
  • Strong Shockproof ABS Case
  • Metric & Imperial Graduations
  • Display Packed