3/8'' HSS Rose Countersinks
3/8'' HSS Rose Countersinks

3/8" HSS Rose Countersinks


Quality, M2 HSS Rose Countersinks to DIN335. A 90 degree countersink angle along with 5 sharp cutting edges makes easy work of producing precision countersink holes. Produced from high-grade High Speed Steel, these milled and ground countersinks stay sharp and have a long life. For use in corded or cordless rotary drills with a 3-Jaw drill chuck.

 Application: hardwood, softwood, non-ferrous metals, steel and plastic


  • Size 3/8"
  • M2 HSS Rose Countersink
  • 90 Degree Countersink Angle
  • 5 Sharp Cutting Edges
  • Countersinks Steel, Non-ferrous Metals & Wood
  • For Corded or Cordless Drills
  • Display Packed