115mm x 22.23mm Mortar Raking Blade 6.4mm Turbo Segment

Code:  MRB115Barcode:  5039197106191


High quality, turbo diamond 'raking out' blade with heavy duty 3.5mm thick steel body for professional users. Removes old perished or damaged mortar in brickwork with ease. High diamond concentration ensures extra-long life with exceptional performance.

Application: Old or perished mortar in brickwork.


  • 7.0mm x 6.4mm Thick Turbo Segments
  • 3.5mm Heavy Duty Steel Body
  • Removes Perished or Damaged Mortar in Brickwork
  • For 115mm Angle Grinders
  • 22.23mm Bore / Max 13,300rpm
  • Display Packed