115mm Nylon Backing Pad - M14 Thread

Code:  FBP115Barcode:  5039197063524


Converts an angle grinder to a sander. Flexible backing pads are used for supporting resin-backed fibre sanding discs or semi-flexible discs. A premium quality product, produced from rubber with resin additives, giving a perfect balance of strength, flexibility and the ability to withstand heat and distortion. Supplied with die-cast zinc lock nuts. For use on hand-held angle grinders

  • Dia. 115mm / M14 Thread
  • Flexible Tough Nylon Rubber Pad with Metal Insert
  • Converts Angle Grinder to a Sander
  • Supports Fibre Sanding Discs or Semi Flexible Discs
  • Supplied with Die Cast Zinc Lock Nut
  • Fits to 115mm Angle Grinders 
  • Max 13,300rpm
  • Display Packed