7 Piece Forstener Bit Set
7 Piece Forstener Bit Set

7 Piece Forstener Bit Set


Forstner bits are used for drilling, neat, clean and concentric flat bottom holes in wood, quickly with minimal effort. The bit comprise an outer cutting rim with centre positioning point and TiN (Titanium nitride) coating. Can also be used to drill holes on the 'edge' of a material and to drill partially overlapping holes.

Application: Soft wood / Hard Wood / MDF / Chipboard.


  • Sizes: 12mm x 90mm, 16mm x 90mm, 20mm x 90mm, 22mm x 90mm, 26mm x 90mm, 30mm x 90mm, 35mm x 90mm
  • For Drilling, Neat, Clean and Concentric Flat Bottom Holes
  • Titanium Coated for Long Life
  • Outer Cutting Rim with Centre Positioning Point
  • Drills Soft Wood, Hard Wood, MDF and Chipboard
  • Display Packed