5/16'' Magnetic Hex Nut Driver
5/16'' Magnetic Hex Nut Driver

5/16" Magnetic Hex Nut Driver


Professional nut drivers, used to drive hexagon-headed nuts, bolts and sheet metal screws. Produced from hard-wearing, high-grade alloy steel, fully hardened and tempered (HRC45-50) for durability and long life. Shank fitting produced according to DIN 3126 E6.3. Strong, permanent magnetic pad inside the socket holder retains screw/fixing firmly in place for easy working

  • 5/16" Hex / 65mm Long
  • ¼” Hex Power Drive Quick-Change Shank
  • Drives Hexagon-headed Nuts, Bolts and Sheet Metal Screws
  • Magnetic to Retain Screw / Fixing Firmly in Place
  • Fully Hardened for Extra Strength and Durability
  • High-grade S2 Alloy Steel for Long Life
  • Manufactured to DIN3126
  • Display Packed