125mm x 1.0mm x 22.23mm Metal Thin Slitting Disc

Code:  X131-103N


In stock  

In stock

High quality super thin slitting discs. Ideal for very accurate cutting with minimal burr formation. Fast cool cutting performance. Manufactured with fibreglass reinforcement. Produced with high quality aluminium oxide grit. Bonded with high quality 'bakelite' resin. For use on angle grinders . Suitable for cutting small cross-section profiles, small diameter bar and thin sheet metal, steel and stainless steelSold in Box Quantities of 25.

  • Dia: 125mm / Bore: 22.23mm / Thickness: 1.0mm
  • Profile: Flat / Application: Cutting Metal
  • Aluminium Oxide Grit Resin Bonded
  • Fibreglass Reinforcement
  • Fast Accurate, Cool Cutting
  • For Sheet Metal, Steel & Stainless
  • For 125mm Angle Grinders
  • Max 12,250rpm
  • Fe/S/Cl<0.1%
  • Boxed in 25
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