115mm Metal Cutting Super Thin Diamond Blade

Code:  SVB115Barcode:  5039197118002


Vacuum brazed, diamond grit edged, super-thin blade designed to cut through metal. A tough layer of high quality diamond particles vacuum brazed to quality steel body. Advantages of using this blade are less sparks, less dust, less fumes, less blade changes and lower cost per cut also they are much safer than bonded abrasive cutting discs. 30x longer disc life than thin bonded slitting discs. Ideal for cutting small cross-section profiles, small diameter bar and thin sheet metal.

Application: Steel, Stainless Steel & Non Ferrous Metals.


  • Fast Super Thin Cutting Blade (1.3mm)
  • Vacuum Brazed Diamond Grit Edge
  • 30x Longer Disc Life Than Abrasive Disc
  • Less Sparks, Dust & Fumes
  • 1000+ Cuts in Sheet Metal, Profiles & Solid Bar
  • Ideal for 115mm Cordless Grinders
  • 115mm x 1.3mm x 22.23mm Bore
  • Max Speed 13,300rpm