225mm 9 TPI Demolition Metal Reciprocating Saw Blade Pack of 3

Code:  DSB225MBarcode:  5039197101967


Similar to S1120CF. High quality, M42 (8% cobalt) HSS bi-metal material and have a universal type fitting. They are designed for fast, easy cutting of various materials. Extra wide 22mm, extra thick 1.5mm blades with an extremely hard HSS cutting edge enables them to cut wood and metal with ease without the risk of jamming or bending. Ideal for ‘demolition’ type applications where materials need to be cut quickly and effectively but they can also be used where standard type reciprocating saw blades would be used.

Application: Steel plate, steel pipes, profiles, rescue or demolition work


  • Length: 225mm / TPI: 9
  • Fast Metal Cut Demolition Blade
  • Ideal for Rescue or Demolition work
  • Extra Wide 22mm, Extra Thick 1.5mm for Stability and Strength
  • Special Geometry Milled HSS Cutting Teeth
  • M42 (8% Cobalt) Bi-Metal Universal Fitting Blades
  • Cuts Steel plate, steel pipes and profiles
  • For Reciprocating Saw Machines
  • Similar to S1120CF
  • Pack Qty 3 / Display Packed