12mm x 35mm TCT Fast Cut Broaching Cutter

Code:  ATX12Barcode:  5039197118163


Capable of drilling in the hardest steels. These cutters can cut up to 60% more quickly and 10% longer life than HSS cutters. Unique carbide teeth cutter geometry provide easier, faster and quieter cutting performance. These cutters offer a reduced cost per hole. Industry standard 'Weldon' 19.05mm (3/4") shank.

RPM Range: 1265-850 Structural Steel <500Nm / 850-580 Structural Steel <1000Nm / 530-350 Stainless Steel / 925-615 Cast Iron / 2200-1560 Aluminium

Application: Drills Holes in structural steel; hard steel; stainless steel; grey cay iron and aluminium


  • Unique Tungsten Carbide Teeth Geometry
  • Drills Easier, Faster & Quieter in Hard Steels
  • Industry Standard 'Weldon' 19mm (3/4") Shank
  • Maximum Cutting Depth of 35mm
  • For Stainless, Structural Steel, Grey Cay Iron & Aluminium
  • For Electro-magnetic Drills or Pillar Drills with MTS Adaptor
  • Packed in Plastic Tube