6mm Vacuum Brazed Mini Diamond Core Drill - Dry Drilling

Code:  DTD06


In stock  

In stock

“Dry Drilling” hexagon shank mini core drills for Professional users who require “Extreme” drilling performance into the hardest of Porcelain tiles without water. Diamond particles are “Vacuum Brazed” producing a tough, hard wearing layer of diamonds along with a special “Wax” cooling central core means these drills can be used with no water. Must use at high drilling speeds, 2000 to 2500 rpm & with very light drilling pressure to ensure best performance. Drills porcelain tiles, granite & marble with ease.

Application: Glass / Plastic / Ceramic / Porcelain Tiles (grade 5 porcelain)

  • Diameter: 6mm / Length 70mm
  • Vacuum Brazed Diamond Grit Edged
  • Tough Hard Wearing
  • 8mm Hex Shank
  • Fast Drilling in Porcelain Tiles
  • Dry Drilling
  • For Red Wall Plugs
  • Use at High Speeds, 2000-2500+ rpm
  • Display Packed
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