8mm Vacuum Brazed Mini Diamond Core Drill - Dry Drilling

Code:  DTD08Barcode:  5039197113502


“Dry Drilling” hexagon shank mini core drills for Professional users who require “Extreme” drilling performance into the hardest of Porcelain tiles without water. Diamond particles are “Vacuum Brazed” producing a tough, hard wearing layer of diamonds along with a special “Wax” cooling central core means these drills can be used with no water. Must use at high drilling speeds, 2000 to 2500 rpm & with very light drilling pressure to ensure best performance. Drills porcelain tiles, granite & marble with ease.

Application: Glass / Plastic / Ceramic / Porcelain Tiles (grade 5 porcelain)

  • Diameter: 8mm / Length 80mm
  • Vacuum Brazed Diamond Grit Edged
  • Tough Hard Wearing
  • 8mm Hex Shank
  • Fast Drilling in Porcelain Tiles
  • Dry Drilling
  • For Fischer Nylon Plugs
  • Use at High Speeds, 2000-2500+ rpm
  • Display Packed