5 Piece SDS Plus Auger Bit Set
5 Piece SDS Plus Auger Bit Set

5 Piece SDS Plus Auger Bit Set


Threaded centre point and outer cutting spur provide clean holes and accurate drilling. SDS Plus shank for use with rotary hammers (hammer action must be switched OFF). Manufactured from high grade carbon steel with precision high-tech heat-treatment. Precision machined flute provides fast removal of debris and rapid drilling. Hexagonal shank locks tightly in a 13mm capacity 3-jaw drill chuck. For drilling through beams, joists, doors and door frames.

Application: Soft Wood / Hard Wood / MDF / Chipboard.


  • Sizes: 10, 13, 19, 22, 25 x 200mm
  • Threaded Centre Point for Easy Start and Accurate Drilling
  • Precision Machined Spiral for Stability and Waste Removal
  • Outer Cutting Spur for Clean Holes with Minimal Splintering
  • SDS Plus Shank. For SDS Plus Rotary Hammers (hammer action must be switched OFF)
  • For Drilling Wooden Beams, Joists, Doors and Door Frames
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