4.0mm x 75mm Cobalt Ground Jobber Drill Pack of 10


Professional quality, fully ground 5% (M35) Cobalt drill bits for drilling all metals especially very hard, dense metals such as stainless steels, high tensile steels and cast iron. A 135 degree split point tip provides easy drill starting without skidding. Cobalt reduces heat build-up during the drilling process and extends working range. Manufactured to DIN338 standard. Always use cutting oil when drilling metals. 135° split-point tip eliminates the need to centre-punch first, offering non-skid start-up and easy chip break-up and removal. 

Application: For drilling tough, hard materials such as: stainless steel, hardened alloy steels, nickel alloy steels, high tensile steel, steel, cast steel etc. Always use cutting oil when drilling metallic materials.


  • 135º Split Point Tip for Easy Drill Start Drill without Skidding
  • M35 (5% Cobalt) High Speed Steel, these bits are Heat and Wear Resistant
  • For Drilling Hard Steel and Tough Materials
  • Manufactured to DIN338 standard
  • Packed in Plastic Tube