100mm Wire Twist Knot Bevel Brush M14

Code:  WB23Barcode:  5039197022224


Twist knot brushes provide a high-impact brushing action and are suitable for cleaning large surface areas of steel, masonry and woodwork. A convenient size brush for awkward jobs and working in tight corners. Manufactured from high grade steel. The brush fill is made from 0.50mm diameter, high tensile steel wire, with left-hand twist knots. These are designed to 'hold their shape' and not untangle, which enables easy to control, fast surface cleaning. For use on angle grinders. Display Box.


  • Dia. 100mm / 0.5mm High Tensile Left-hand Twist Knot Wire
  • For Working in Tight Corners of Steel and Masonry
  • Removes Burrs, Rust, Slag, Scale, Paint & Concrete Waste
  • For 115mm and 125mm Angle Grinders
  • M14 x 2.0 Thread / Max 12,500rpm
  • Display Boxed