100mm Wire Twist Knot Cup Brush M14

Code:  WB15Barcode:  5039197022170


Hard-wearing wire cup brushes, suitable for ultra-heavy duty, aggressive cleaning of large surface areas. These brushes have a steel bridle or 'ring' around them which as two functions: to hold the twisted-wire in place and minimise any centrifugal-splay when in use. As the brush wears down, the bridle can be 'hammered-off' exposing a further 20mm+ of twisted wire. This extends the service life greatly. For use on 180mm and 230mm angle grinders


  • Dia.100mm / 0.5mm High Tensile Left-hand Twist Knot Wire
  • For High Impact Cleaning of Steel, Masonry and Woodwork.
  • Removes Burrs, Rust, Slag, Scale, Paint & Concrete Waste
  • Long Life (Hammer off steel ring for a further 20mm of wire)
  • For 180mm and 230mm Angle Grinders
  • M14 x 2.0 Thread / Max 8,500rpm
  • Display Boxed